Bobbi Stone

Bobbi Stone

I had been suffering from back pain and sciatica for several years. I went to physical therapy and received injections in hopes of relieving my pain, but the first injection didn’t last long and the second one didn’t work at all, so I became desperate. I could barely walk because of my sciatica pain and I had herniated discs, among other things, with the pain getting worse through the years.

Someone told me about HSS and, after doing research on my own, I knew that was the best option for me. I had my first appointment in August and went through some preliminary tests before meeting with Dr. Hughes. He had an opening in his surgical schedule for the following week but I was worried because I had a trip planned to Africa in October. Dr. Hughes reassured me that I would be able to go on my trip, so I agreed to the surgery.

Following my surgery, I started physical therapy right away and had to wear a back brace for a short time. The staff did everything for me, including scheduling my physical therapy. My recovery wasn’t bad at all and I was just so thankful that I would be able to walk again without pain. I did everything the physical therapists and doctors told me because I was determined to get better.

Before my surgery, I used to swim every morning and do a lot of walking, traveling and volunteering, but my pain impacted these parts of my life. But ever since my surgery, I’ve been traveling around the world, and when I’m not traveling to Africa, Patagonia or Morocco, I’m hiking at home.

I am so grateful to Dr. Hughes and everyone on his team. I had such a good experience, from the surgery and follow-up visits, to the office staff, everything was great.