I would like to express my gratitude and complete satisfaction with Dr. Hughes and all the SpineCare of NY staff, as well as the staff at HSS!

I started experiencing lower back pain a couple years ago and it progressively got worse, preventing me from doing many things. I have always been an active person and enjoyed going to the gym and taking long walks, but as my back pain progressed it became harder for me to remain active. Eventually, I stopped going to the gym, and it even became hard for me to walk down to my mailbox each day. After years of physical therapy and meeting with other specialists, I realized that I needed surgery to fix the pain and I decided on Dr. Hughes.

After my first appointment with Dr. Hughes I knew I wanted him to be my doctor. He explained everything to me in detail and ensured that I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. I had spinal fusion surgery in July 2022. The entire staff made the surgery process seamless from beginning to end, always prioritizing my comfort.

My results were outstanding, thanks to Dr. Hughes’ skill and precision! I was walking right away after the surgery, walking 10 feet the day of the surgery. After about 4 or 5 weeks, I was walking up to 3 miles per day. Just six months after my surgery, I feel completely back to normal and better than I have in years. When I had my six-month follow-up appointment with Dr. Hughes, I took time to walk around New York City and ended up walking almost seven miles. I never thought I would be able to walk without pain again, but thanks to Dr. Hughes this is now possible. I can’t say enough how appreciative I am for his skill and expertise and for him giving me back my life!

Thanks to Dr. Hughes, I’m able to play with my granddaughters without any pain, which was not possible before. I continue to tell people about Dr. Hughes and recommend him to any person who is experiencing back pain because he is really the best. I have nothing but praise for his bedside manner and the compassionate care he assured me I would have. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate him a sure 12! Thank you, Dr. Hughes!