Donna Morgan

Donna Morgan

Before my surgery at SpineCare of NY and HSS, I was suffering from severe scoliosis and degeneration in my lumbar and cervical spine, which made it incredibly difficult to stand or walk for any length of time. I couldn’t clean my house, I had to take breaks while getting ready for work in the morning and I wasn’t able to attend my family reunion. Worst of all, it was difficult for me to hold my grandson.

My back pain eventually weakened my body, and the curve in my spine caused my left rib to rest on my pelvis, so breathing was difficult. I finally started to talk to doctors at the end of 2019 after battling with this pain for three years. I met with four doctors in my home state of Ohio before one of them recommended I go to HSS in New York City.

Once I met Dr. Cammisa, I was immediately satisfied with my choice to select him as my doctor. He was extremely thorough, compassionate and understanding. He answered all of my questions and didn’t rush me through any part of the process. I was really worried about the cost of having surgery and living so far away from home, but Dr. Cammisa and his staff worked with me to schedule all of my testing and appointments in one day.

Dr. Cammisa performed a spinal fusion, and I am planning to go back to have cervical surgery. Immediately after the spinal fusion, I was able to breathe better. On the day of my discharge, Dr. Cammisa’s staff coordinated everything I needed – even my ride. The entire staff made me feel so relaxed and comfortable.

When I returned home, I didn’t have to spend any of my days bed ridden. By the second week, I no longer needed a cane or walker unless I was going a considerable distance. Now, just about two months after my surgery, I can walk over a mile, an activity I have not been able to do in years. Throughout my recovery, Dr. Cammisa’s pain management team met with me multiple times to ask about my progress and answer my questions. Each member of the staff was so nice and easy to work with.

The quality of care I received from Dr. Cammisa and SpineCare of NY was amazing. I used to read these testimonials and wondered if all of the positive reviews could be true, and now I know that they are. If you are looking for a well-orchestrated team of trustworthy healthcare professionals, Dr. Cammisa and SpineCare of NY is your best option. I am thoroughly happy with my decision to make the trip to New York City for this life-changing procedure.