Perry Opin

Perry Opin

Due to an injury in college, I’ve had trouble with my lower back for years. I had two previous surgeries to cure the resulting pain. Unfortunately, over time the pain recurred. I could not walk, straighten my back, walk my dogs or get to sleep due to the spasms that wouldn’t quit. The relief of the constant pain required a much more invasive procedure. Not only were revisions of the previous surgeries required, but also almost the entire lower spine needed treatment from L2 to S1, a really big deal!

I’m a dentist and because of my constant radiating back pain, it made it difficult for me to treat my patients’ needs, a big problem. I knew that Hospital for Special Surgery was the number one rated Orthopedic Hospital in the U.S. Therefore, it was clear – being treated there was a no brainer. So now I had to pick the best spinal surgeon I could from the list of excellent doctors to correct my problem. And did I hit the jackpot…Dr. Andrew Sama!

At the first meeting with Dr. Sama, it was crystal clear that he was the surgeon for me. It was obvious that he loved his profession. His passion showed as we discussed what he needed to do to correct my intractable pain, and his credentials speak for themselves.

A few weeks after my surgery I was back at work and could finally practice orthodontics without back pain. I was able to walk my dogs again and sleep without the unremitting back spasms. I love my work, and Dr. Sama made it fun. I got my life back again.

As an aside, Dr. Sama has operated on my wife, sister and some of our friends with spinal problems. All of us had the same successful outcomes. We are all so very grateful to have been treated by this wonderful doctor.

Personally, I have never been more impressed by any medical provider (including my father, a terrific ear, nose and throat physician) than Dr. Andrew Sama. He is this whole package – a highly skilled physician and a real people person, sensitive to his patients’ needs. He is one of my real heroes!