Drs. Hughes, Cammisa, and Sama - Orthopedic Surgeons at SpineCare of NY - in office with logo behind them
Drs. Alex Hughes, Frank Cammisa, and Andy Sama

About SpineCare of NY

What to Expect

Before entrusting us with your care, take a moment to learn a little about SpineCare of NY−our physicians, our experience and our facilities. We understand that your confidence in your doctors and the care they provide will go a long way toward your recovery. Addressing your expectations about SpineCare of NY before your visit is the first step in that direction.

All patients, near and far, can expect top level care from today’s leaders in spine care and research. Our surgical and non-surgical physicians work together to provide expanded treatment options to ensure our patients achieve the best outcome. By exploring both surgical and non-surgical treatments, we can provide our patients with the solutions best suited to their specific condition. Through our research, we stay on top of the latest surgical techniques and innovations to ensure our patients receive the most advanced treatments available.

For over 25 years, SpineCare of NY has had the privilege of being affiliated with Hospital for Special Surgery, the number one ranked orthopedic hospital in the U.S. Our physicians perform all surgical procedures at Hospital for Special Surgery, located within walking distance of our offices.

Our commitment to reviewing the outcomes of our patients allows SpineCare of NY to develop significant and meaningful innovations in research, which have helped many people around the world.

We recognize and understand that each patient is an individual with different concerns and needs. That is why, at SpineCare of NY, our goal is to provide each patient with a personalized, integrated approach to care so that they can go back to leading a productive life.