SpineCare of NY Forms

New Patient Forms

The new patient SpineCare of NY forms are available for download, giving you the opportunity to complete the forms at your convenience with accurate information. Completing the necessary paperwork prior to your initial visit will provide you and your doctor more time to devote to matters material to your care and treatment once you arrive at our office.

Please read the forms carefully; fill out those pertaining to your specific circumstances and bring them to our office at the time of your visit. Should you have any questions regarding any of the SpineCare of NY forms, our staff will be happy to help you.

Do you have films or x-rays to upload?

Films and x-rays that you have had taken will help our doctors assess your condition and evaluate your treatment options. We have provided an easy, confidential way for you to share this information with your SpineCare of NY doctor. Simply select the appropriate doctor and upload your files securely.

Pre-Surgical Instructions

If your doctor determines your condition requires surgery, there are certain steps you need to take to prepare yourself. SpineCare of NY’s pre-surgical information outlines those steps. To access pre-surgical instructions, click pre-surgical instructions.

Post-Operative Instructions

Once your surgery is over, there are certain steps you must take to help ensure your recovery proceeds as expected. SpineCare of NY has provided post-operative care information as a reminder of the Do’s and Don’t’s you need to follow after surgery. To access post-operative care instructions, please navigate to the post-operative instruction page.