SpineCare of NY Visit Information

We have compiled the following SpineCare of NY visit information to address some of the more common questions and concerns most patients have and provided links to some important forms you will need to fill out before we can get started on your treatment. It is our hope that this information will help make your SpineCare of NY visit as stress-free and efficient as possible.

At SpineCare of NY, we understand that you have many questions regarding your spine condition and treatment options. What to expect when you visit our office should be the least of your concerns. We care about you and your comfort level. We want to establish a relationship with you – even before you walk through the door of our office. It is because of this that we provide information to you about your visit and what you can expect. We want your SpineCare of NY visit to be as stress-free and efficient as possible. Once you are here, we want you to relax and focus your attention on matters relating to your specific condition and treatment plan. We believe we can accomplish that by providing answers to your general questions and getting the housekeeping out of the way even before your initial visit.

Please take a moment to review the information and complete the forms appropriate for your type of visit.

Before Your Visit

Your Consult

Surgery Preparation

Post-Op Care

In addition to the above, we provide resources for your use in further understanding your spine condition.

Drs. Hughes, Cammisa, and Sama - Orthopedic Surgeons at SpineCare of NY - in office with logo behind them
Drs. Alex Hughes, Frank Cammisa, and Andy Sama