After suffering from severe stenosis and multiple herniated discs, I was in a lot of pain. I tried improving my condition through physical therapy, as well as multiple cortisone injections. I reached a point where I could not sit down or stand up without experiencing incredible pain. I realized that I couldn’t live that way and that’s when I met with Dr. Cammisa.

After his initial evaluation, including an MRI, he recommended surgery as the best option, and I decided to proceed. Dr. Cammisa performed a laminectomy and two microdiscectomies. After the procedure, I woke up with no pain and felt immediate relief.

I now feel better than what I could have ever hoped for before surgery. The entire staff at SpineCare of NY and HSS was not only professional and friendly, but also very sympathetic to my pain. Dr. Cammisa took his time to explain everything to me and lay out my options – I never felt rushed.

After surgery, I was home for a week and was back in the office the following week. Four months later I was back on the golf course and two months after that, I was able to resume running. I’m so glad I decided to have the surgery and was able to start living my life pain free again.

My advice to someone who is in a similar situation that I was in would be to find a doctor who performs the surgery you need often and is the best at it, and that’s what I found in Dr. Cammisa.