Daniel Liburdi

Daniel Liburdi

A good friend of mine, who experienced firsthand the professional services of Dr. Hughes and his incredible team, highly recommended Dr. Hughes as the best spinal surgeon. Under his care I required spinal decompression and fusion. Between the consultation, surgery and follow up, my hopes and expectations were far exceeded.

Dr. Hughes’ staff demonstrated a compassionate approach by giving an appropriate recommendation or solution. Everyone I met was professional, upbeat and welcoming.

Dr. Hughes and his physician assistant had reviewed and formulated their plan in advance, which in turn was presented to me in a thorough, comprehensive way.

He explained the entire situation that had occurred over a period of time to my vertebrae, step-by-step in a manner that was extremely engaging and not intimidating in any way. Dr. Hughes is kind in nature, calm, patient and caring. He listened to each question and answered each fully. He addressed my anxiety and gave me a complete sense of calm in what was otherwise a painful and overwhelming event.

The morning of the surgery I ran into Dr. Hughes in the hallway where he told me that he had one procedure before me and that things should be running very much on time. The nurse and anesthesiologist were engaging and reassuring about the process.

After surgery, Dr. Hughes informed my wife that it was a 100% success! My stay at the Hospital for Special Surgery was exemplary. Dr. Hughes visited three times to check on my progress. On the days he was not there, I was visited by his associate fellows.

My post-surgical recovery has been phenomenal. At week seven, I am back at work 3/4 time with mobility I have not had for years. I have been in constant communication with the staff, PAs and fellows with any question or concern that I’ve had throughout my recovery. I am completely grateful, pleased and satisfied with my entire experience. I will always recommend Dr. Hughes, his practice and his affiliation with the Hospital for Special Surgery.